the year is 2025

ariana still hasn’t announced the european honeymoon tour dates yet

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It’s been ages since I did gif challenge. so here.we.go! 

Counting backwards in your GIF folder, use every other GIF:

1.    You on the day you were born

2.      Your mother

3.        Your father

4.      The doctor who delivered you

5.      You as a child

6.      You on your first day of school

7.      Your childhood best friend

8.      The annoying kid who always beat you up during recess

omg i’m dying lol

9.     Your response to the annoying kid who beat you up during recess

10.   The first person you ever kissed

11.   The person you went to prom with

12.   Your parents’ reaction to your prom date

13.   Your prom photo

14.   You on high school graduation day

15.   You the day after the high school graduation party

16.   You after you took your driving test

17.  The person who scored you on your driving test

18.   You when you get accepted into a college

19.   Your dorm mate in college

20.   What you will major in

21.   Your most influential college professor

22.   Your dream career

23.   You during your job interview


24.   Your actual career

25.   Your coworker

26.   Your boss

27.   The coworker who always snubs you for employee of the month

28.   Your reaction to being asked out for the first time

29.   The person who asked you out

30.   You on your date

31.   Your reaction when they break up with you

32.   Your soulmate

33.   Your reaction to meeting your soulmate

34.   Your soulmate proposing

35.   Your reaction when your soulmate proposes

36.   Your wedding outfit

37.  Your wedding planner

38.   Your wedding day

39.   Your pastor for your wedding

40.   Your maid of honour

41.   Your best man

42.   Your spouse’s bachelor party

43.   Your bachelorette party

44.   You when the pastor says “You may kiss the bride”.

45.   You during your first dance as a married couple

46.   Your parents’ reaction to the ceremony’

47.   Your wedding singer

48.   You as you cut the wedding cake

49.   The cake topper used for you

50.   The cake topper used for your spouse

51.   Your spouse as you shove cake in their face

52.   Your reaction as your spouse whisks you off to your secret honeymoon location

53.   Your reaction to discovering where that location is

54.   You on your way to your honeymoon

55.   You on your honeymoon

56.   You returning from your honeymoon

57.   You entering your new home for the first time

58.   Your reaction when opening your wedding gifts

59.   Your new next door neighbour who comes over to introduce themselves

60.   Your landlord

61.   Your new butler

62.   You on your first anniversary

63.   Your spouse on your first anniversary

64.   Your reaction to whatever your spouse has planned for the evening

65.   Your reaction to finding out you are/your spouse is (gender relevant) pregnant

66.   Your spouse’s reaction to the news

67.   How everyone else reacts when you tell them the news

68.   Your best friend’s reaction to the news

69.   You shopping for baby furniture

70.   You and your spouse trying to piece together the new baby cradle

71.   Your/your spouse’s doctor

72.   You at your baby shower

73.   Your guests’ feelings at your baby shower

74.   Your reaction to opening the gifts at your baby shower

75.   You arguing with your spouse over naming the baby

76.   Who you name your child after

77.   You in labour

78.   Your first child on the day they’re born

79.   Your reaction to the child

80.   The child’s reaction to you

81.   Your reaction when it’s your turn to get up and silence the baby at midnight

82.   Your babysitter

83.   Your child on their first birthday

84.   Your child on their first day of school

85.   Your reaction to sending your child off to school for the first time

86.   Your response when your child asks you where babies come from

87.   Your response when your spouse says they want more children

88.   Your second child

89.   Your first child on graduation day

90.   Your first child as they leave for college

91.   Your reaction when your second child tells you they’re joining the military

92.   Your first child’s spouse

93.   You at your second child’s wedding

94.   Your first grandchild

95.   What you’re doing right before you die

96.   Your death

97.   Your spouse’s reaction to your death

98.   Your spouse’s death

99.   You at your funeral

100.   The audience’s feelings at your funeral

101.    How you will be remembered.

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fuck you cw


The Carrie Diaries cancelled


Star-crossed cancelled


The Tomorrow People cancelled


Supernatural: Bloodlines not picked up





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Ancient proverb (via shelovedtooeasily)
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